Thursday, 27 November, 2008

Mumbai Terror Strikes : Yet another Intelligence Failure

26th November, 2008, 9:40 PM Mumbai hits the global headlines for being attacked by the terrorists openly firing at the Public. All news channels carrying bizarre scenarios of the firings and blasts (40, expected to reach 200, which officially might be quoted the half) in number till 12:44 AM) were heart sinking – Some channels showed beheaded bodies and brutally injured citizens. An innovative strategy of the terrorists moving from Masses to Classes (Retail to HNI) showcasing immense courage by attacking a new area – the Urban Mumbai by targeting South Mumbai (Oberoi, Taj, Cama Hospital and CST Station ) and also Centaur (Sahara Star) at Vile Parle- Santacruz and JW Marriot - This clear strategy of crippling Mumbai’s Financial Capital Image and targeting the High Society Area, Diplomats, Tourists (Security Failure at the Two Big Names of the Indian Hotel Industry – Taj and Oberoi) will definitely leave back a Big Dent.

This was yet another blow on the face of the Vilasrao Deshmukh’s semi crippled government (Narayan Rane has got his 5th Chance to run to Sonia Gandhi and complain against his colleague), especially when one heard Mr. Shakil Ahmed, the Minister of State for Home Affairs behaving irresponsibly with the Media and disconnecting the call and running away from the situation as always. Mr. Shakil- Have some shame atleast, the injured could be some of your relatives too…..Its 12:44 as I am writing this blog and neither Mr. Deshmukh nor Mr Patil have issued any statement or appeared for any audio / visual interview reinstating the fact that they are not interested and their strategists are off for the day and once they rejoin tomorrow, they will be able to issue any statement.

Only one question which comes up to the mind of the citizens of India and Mumbai especially is the repeated failure of Mumbai Police (read Intelligence and not On Ground) and the State Government and all other the Intelligence Agencies to track and control any terrorist movements. All what the Mumbai Police is interested in is catching people drunk and without proper traffic rules and that is only what the Police is capable of doing and ofcourse creating unnecessary hype around Pragya Thakur and low important (compared to Mumbai) Malegaon case.

The Best part was the Terrorists running away from the Metro Cinema site hijacking / stealing a Police Jeep – This is the most shameful part of the incident. I don not understand with what standing do people accuse Bihar and UP Politicians, who are much better than the ones here.

The main is yet to arrive as the Media confirms some 40-45 Hostages in the Oberoi and much more to come for sure. But, the whole incident would prove 3 THINGS ofcourse at the cost of deaths of so many (20 till now at 12:44AM) and injured and estranged citizens :

(1) The Success of the New Strategy and Innovation by the Terror Groups giving them their job satisfaction and motivation of raising the bar with more in future (They are successful, since our Intelligence is failure)

(2) Failure of the Mumbai Police (Intelligence, not ground) and the State Governement and to an extent the Central Government too – Mumbai Police not the ones of the Ground who are doing the best possible job but the ones sitting in the AC headquarters calling themselves Intelligence and actually the Fools ( It was intimated by Hyderabad Police some days back that there are 50 Militants / terrorists entering Mumbai with a Plan)

(3) The Spirit of Mumbaikars – which will forget the incident in a few hours, slapping on the face of the terrorists and getting back to the normal life, showcasing the “Never say Die Spirit” – That’s the only thing Mumbai is still Mumbai else the first two factors would have made this place an Azamgarh in no time.

The only worst things which can happen now is (1) Mumbai Police killing some innocents claiming that they were the Terrorists. (2) Mumbai Terror Relief Fund coming up (3) Some celebrity trying to encash this situation and supporting the cause for the image management purpose (4) And the Best (for them - Terrorists) is Afzal Guru being conferred a Padma Shree which would have surely happened if the Parliament would have been in Mumbai.

Hope the Army comes in time and controls the situation and the Ground Mumbai Police showcase the best possible with the limited resources available (service revolvers for eg. against the AK 47s) - Its a chance for them to prove and change their image. And well, Mumbai is matured enough not to ask for the CM or HM or Mr. Shivraj Patil to resign, Mumbai will answer back with its Spirit – It’s a matter of time !


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