Tuesday, 11 November, 2008

Recount - The US Elections in 2000.

On the eve of the US Presidential Elections, seeing Obama winning over Mc Cain was indeed a joy from a perspective of a Marketing guy comparing the same with new product like “Dove” in the hair care segment stealing away the mind share and the market share of the more experienced and stalwarts like - “Head & Shoulders, Pantene ” in the opposition camp and “Sunsilk” in the own camp. Would share my thoughts on the same a little later – I feel it was simple Marketing strategies focusing on Segmentation, branding and other marketing mixes.

Amidst the Obama victory and his speech flowing all over, I was recommended by one of my Professors to watch –Recount (HBO Movies) to experience the same over 90 Minutes at the edge of one’s seat. This is a story on 2000 US Elections where all eyes were on Florida which would decide the fate of Al Gore and George W. Bush.

The Story is amidst the tension in the Democrats and Republicans lobbies with a focus on the lead character – Ron Klain (Kevin Spacet) who is a Former Chief of Staff to Al Gore, the then Vice President trying his best to prove that Gore can still win.

Al Gore’s character was shown of a docile guy least bothered about the business and while already given up and on his way to announce concession to Bush, was forced to retract the same as there was some issue sighted at the Florida – Palm Beach County where there were issues of “dimple chads” – improper hole punchings on the voting cards. All TV Channels had declared Bush the winner, but on insistence of Ron, despite of his Boss, a senior advisor falling cold, keeps on insisting in Manual Recount as he and his team believes that Al Gore has won. The recount begins and stops, begins and stops, begins and stops at various instances with some judge approving it and some court staying it, building on further thrill.

Ron is not sure whether he likes Gore or not (Gore had not given him his dues) but still fights till the end, builds up an amazing team – each one in the team are equally passionate and devoted to prove that recount can change things and each tries his best possible strategies – The fight becoming though Bush vs Gore, but actually it was Ron & team and not Gore. Ron and team fights for their passion and conviction and not any party or boss per se - finally the spineless Gore gives in to Bush, and Ron has to Stop. That’s the end.

A brilliant act put in by Jack Baker, Former US Secretary of the State, Bush’s The Man, who has also shifted fences earlier in life and is a strong guy and also Michael Whouley, Chiel Field Officer of Gore’s lobby and Katherine Harris, the Palm Beach County Secretary. A Brilliant direction by Jay Roach. Worth a watch !


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