Saturday, 15 November, 2008

Dostana Moview Review

In one line if someone wants to summarize the experience after the 1st Day Last show of Dostana would be “Whims and Fancies of a Gay Man (Karan Johar) put together into a 2.5 hours of bull shit with a super wastage of super stars and strategy to fool around the innocent audience in the opening profits of first few days till all are aware of the trap”

Singh is King followed a similar strategy – 21 shows in 1 day in Fame Adlabs – one show every 20 minutes and what an opening – but the movie had something to offer – Akshay, Katrina and some comedy stuff and a few good songs too. But “DOSTANA” has literally nothing much to offer – I did not get till the end that, why was it named “Dostana” in the first place itself.

A super waste of Talent like Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra & John Abraham (I don’t know under what obligation were they required to sign this film) and the only guy who badly needed this film at the moment was Bobby Deol as he is not getting much work. And also what a waste of senior talent like Boman Irani & Kiron Kher.

On the story side – well there was not much – only Abhi & John act as gay to get an apartment and that’s it – Its not even a story surrounding a cause or area but its purely fantasies of our Gay man Karan Johar to play Homo Homo game. If some one critically needs to evaluate the cost benefit of each penny – it could be a few songs, the backdrop of Miami (that was not extra ordinary), for the ladies – John’s physique and for boys – Priyanka’s body, that’s all. If one needs to rate – Andhe mein kaana kaun for acting– it could be Abhi.

But net – net waste of time and money. Please do not waste precious time and money at the multiplexes or even when the movie comes on cable / tv. Rating – 1/5 Star and if Taran Adarsh or Mr. Masand rate this above 2 or 3 (Industry izzat), understand there is some affinity to KJ. I saw Sanjay Dutt’s EMI last week and thought it was not worth a line in my blog, but looking at Dostana, feel it could have well fitted in. God save all !

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