Saturday, 15 January, 2011

Yamla Pagla Deewana - Review and Strategy

One may call it a reiteration of the fact that Nitin Manmohan knows better filming than Karan Johar or Yash Chopra (former, no doubt) or it may be called as a reiteration of the fact that the Deols still have the balls to rock the nation more than or equal to what Rajnikant, Salman (Dabang) or Big B can ! Some told me that it was a come back for Sunny, Bobby and Dharam paa jee, but in my sense, they don’t need a comeback.

One may look at them (Deols) as underdogs, having delivered more hits independently than SRK, Akshay Kumar and Salman Khans of the world. (besides Bobby) The yesteryears He-man Dharampaa jee whos completed 50 years in bollywood, much more than Big B, was to my belief always underrated as against the Big B and Rajesh Khannas of his time, despite 250 films and acknowledged handsomest Indian Actor. And so was Sunny, but India remembers hits like Joshiley, Tridev, Chalbaaz, Nagina, Border, Ghayal, Damini, Gadar (National Award winner for that last 3) of Sunny Deol which were super duper hits !

Well, back to the subject – Yamla Pagla Deewana was an amazing entertainer – if u liked or appreciated the Dabang or Rajni types of movies this one was 10 times better with super reminders of the hit dialogies, stunts and situations of the yesteryear with a decent storyline, where no one could get bored !
Sunny gave the most rocking action scenes, which would beat Salman Khan and Rajnikant (btw, they too have their target markets and segmentations – UP-Bihar and down South respectively, the Deols too have a huge fan following across the Punjabs and Punjabis and they are all over ! I heard more cheers and whistles than in Dabang in a suburban theatre jam packed for the Friday 11 PM show.

Dharam was on his as usual charming act and almost 90% of the shots with daaru (alchohol) – what he is known for (don’t miss the suitcase he carries with glases and bottles and even chakhnas (snacks) when he travels. His sense of humor and famous Dance steps got more whistles than that of Sunnys dance steps and actions. Btw, Sunny beats Dharam on the daaru when he drinks it from a bucket (balti) !

Bobby was as usual trying his best to cope up with his bro and dad, somewhat trying to manage well, but overall the trio along with a brilliant comedy and acts by Anupam Kher, Mukul Dev, Johny Lever, Kulraj Radhava (the new heroine), Nafisa Ali and a lot of Sardars do a brilliant job, worth a watch !

The fundamentals of segmentation clearly works here – there were huge number of Sardars witn elaborate families watching this movie. My friends mom which is from Punjab was reminding us since a month about YPD (Yamla Pagla Deewana) and how the women of yesteryear loved to see Dharmendra ! And the cheers and whistles in the suburban theatre was loud to reach Caneda (Canada – the 2nd country of Punjabis post India) This for sure is gonna be a good hit (cant tell about South, besides Metros) but the movie would draw the hardcore DEOL FANS (till yesterday, I was not so sure about their fan clan) all over India and especially in the NRI Markets – US and Canada for sure ! Movies like Robot, Dabang etc remind us that there is a strong fan club for such movies and they despite any great story can really do well. YPD is also on the same lines with a strong package and add-ons.

It was a pleasure seeing the 3 Deols together in this LYBH- leave-your-brains-home- laugh riot depicting the larger than life style of the Punjabis, making pun of them while not demeaning them with small and multiple jokes around the plot. And above all Sunny, Bobby & Dharam pajee’s sincerity and passion to perform and give the best to the fans and audiences clearly shows in each act. A good entertaining movie with a good comedy, a great team work, fresh jokes, 2-3 hot item numbers and above all the loaded DEOL TRIO - I would rate is 4/5 and a must watch !

Movies like YPD, Dabang etc should give Farah Khan, Karan Johar and Ram Gopal Vermas and Priyadarshans of the industry a last warning on not to waste the audiences hard earned monies for their selfish business motives by giving the worst flops in the name of comedy or a good packaged story (even a 10 year old kid can make better movies than them) and a movie like this should remind them that they are what they are good at and not direction for sure and should focus on their skills of dancing (Farah), gay activism (KJo) and I don’t know what can Ramu on Priyan is capable or fit to do (may be retire, go on to Himalayas and meditate for life)