Thursday, 14 October, 2010

The Indo Foodiee - Exploring the Indian Food from the "Heritage" to the "Hole in the Wall" Eateries !

Born and Broughtup in Calcutta means getting a tastebud extra than others... might seem an exaggeration or a bit blunt statement, and my Northie friends would lay their bets too, but a combination of a Gujarati and a Calcuttan can beat that too.... If I talk about Cal food, it can run into pages, hence saving it for future...

Well, Some eat to live and I live to eat and I dont have any hiccups in confessing that upfront. I have been exploring new places and cuisines to eat - not just in India, but in all my trips abroad also. But being a Veggie, India is a place, take any State of the country, which brings out a superb multidimensional culture and this culture is represented primarily by the people, their art and living and their Food... So, we all agree that Food is a strong representation of the Culture and one may not speak more on the diversified Indian Culture.

I never knew that in Maharashtra - one can have 4 different broad tastes of food - Paschim Maharashtra, Khandesh, Konkan, Vidharbha - they all have their different and unique tastes... Gujarat food is not always sweet - try out the Kaathiawaadi food and for a Urban Mumbaikar, Idli-Dosa means South Indian Food and vice versa... my Mom feels anything below Maharashtra till Kanyakumari is "Madrasi" and maybe in my Childhood I too though so.... but post traveling across the country have explored that Andhra Pradesh, kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka food are as different as Punjabi and Bengali food... so with this blog, would try and explore the Regional and Local Taste/Flavor of the Food and would recommend the place with my Ratings too.... 

I have been visiting the "Famous Joints" - right from the 5 Stars to the "Hole in the Wall Eatery" at any place I travel...any smallest town I go, I have also barged into a tribals house requesting him to make me some food and have also bribed people to make me the best dishes post their closing hours... so, here I go.... have inititiated a separate BLOG for the Food Reviews and Pictures - My blogs come with a lot of pictures, as Food is something you cant just read about - its not "the Touch and feel" but "Look and imagine" item ! Thanks to my Nokia E71 for all those beautiful pictures ! A separate blog, since I dont want to mix it with my core articles on (1) Management (2) Social and Political (3) Strategic Areas and they would still keep coming on

This Food Blog is known as - Indo Foodiee is a Foodie with and EXTRA E - which represents (EAT)... thats all bull...actually some one had already blocked the earlier one...and with this, I would atleast attempt at sharing 1 Review a Week.

I have already put in 10 reviews over the weekend covering food across Maharashtra, Gujarat, MP, Kashmir, Kerala...but the USP of the site is Food in and around Mumbai - where most of us live.... there are seriously some great joints in Mumbai and all over and with this platform, I would sincerely try acknowledging the efforts and passion of the food makers - they truly deserve this.... and I truly believe that Good Food can be the most Satisfying element - sometimes more than Money too !!

Radhika (My brothers wife) keeps saying that I might give Mayur from HOMP- Highway on my Plate from NDTV Good Times a good run for his Money..... I sincerely respect the concept of HOMP, but Mayur - Dont Worry Buddy - this is just a Time-Pass for me !!

More on :  
Kathiawadi Food just 20 Kms from Mumbai  



South Indian Meal on a Banal leaf 20 mins from BKC

Typical North style Chole Bhature 5 mins from Andheri

Kashmiri Cuisine in Mumbai

Gujju's Sunday Breakfast - only a few good places

Spicy Satara (Maharashtrian) Meal


Anonymous said...

What do you think about adding some more pictures? No offence, text is really great. But as I know visitors acquire information much more effective when there are some helpful pics.

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Varsha said...

wow...I just had my dinner and am drooling now.....

Jalpesh Mehta said...

Dear Stacy,

Thanks so much for spending time on my blog and sincerely appreciate your comments. is the parent site and the main food blog is on

Request your valuable views on the same as the same is on the lines of your suggestions - more pictoral than text.

Thanks once again and look forward to be in touch,
Jalpesh Mehta

Jalpesh Mehta said...

Dear Varsha

Thanks so much for spending time on my blog and sincerely appreciate your comments.

Saw your blogs and especially liked the FEW FRAGNANT FLOWERS.... Just got to know that u a r veteran blogger since 2006... Am privileged to have you visit my blog. Do also look at the main food blog - for Food related stuff.

Also have recently posted "An Open Letter to TOI MD, Vineet Jain" on the recent role of Times OF India as a Change agent by unearthing CWG, Adarsh scams etc.

Thanks once again and look forward to be in touch,

Regards to you and Ma'm,
Jalpesh Mehta

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