Monday, 1 December, 2008

Lighting Candles at the Gateway of India is not enough !

Mumbai Terror Strikes ; December 1, 2008, Monday : I got an sms on Sunday to come to the Gateway of India and light a candle.... there were some more SMS's and emails inviting citizen to Gateway on 3rd December, 2008.

Well, it’s the normal Indian Tendency–call it the “why do I bother attitude” within the hearts or Mahatma’s principles of “forgiving and forgetting” on the outside that handful of terrorists can have courage of molesting India time and again. They too know that behind the mask of “Spirit of Mumbai” or “bouncing back” lies a “docile, hapless selfish person”–The “poor selfish person” also knows he can’t do much–as he knows the judiciary system, the politicians and willingly chooses to stay out. Hence people tend to forget these assaults and hence we get more assaulted.
For a change now, since media has become quite active there is some impact of our anger and hope this anger remains. Last 24 hours has seen 2 Big Resignations and 1 on line–(1) The Union Home Minister–Mr.Shivraj Patil (no loss to the mankind), (2)Mr. R.R.Patil–Deputy CM (called this a small incident and the public gave it back)(3) Mr.Vilasrao Deshmukh (Someone more concerned of helping his son in Bollywood, having audacity of taking RGV to Taj). But is this an end or just a beginning–we all have to decide !

We will need to learn from our mistakes -to begin with our Security System. It is evident that our Intelligence has failed and we need to follow other countries in stepping up our security be it the US,UK or even Israel. Secondly,Pakistan’s Involvement is very clear. Dr. Manmohan Singh could be the next, not just for reading out the most impassionate speech in this time of crisis, but for the soft approach on the Security Issue or on Pakistan.The Citizen of India will give it back if not so fast, then in the elections soon.

The Politicians should be clear that gone are the days to buy votes against Biryani, Saaris and play the Divide & Rule Games-atleast in certain strata of society, though things will not change overnight.Thanks to the citizens like Shobha De, Suhel Seth, Rahul Bose, Arjun Rampal, Farooq Shaikh, Prahlad Kakkar for speaking out. The Corporate Citizen did not come out in that large number except Kishore Biyani, Ajay Bagga etc (may be dependencies). Net-net there are clearly 3 type of people who TOGETHER can make a change;of course supported by Media:(1)The Opinion Maker Citizen-The Educated,networked. (2)The Industrialists/Corporate Citizens-CEO's, Business Leaders, Fund sponsors (3)The Common Man- Aam admi- the lower & middle class minus religion, caste.

It could be a mass decision, a forum, or a movement or supporting even one life lost. Just by lighting candles at the Gateway of India will not achieve anything. The Basics need to be in place. The mindset of people will have to change. We will need to question,be assertive and aggressive with non-performers who need to deliver out of our taxes.

Today we are angry and that anger needs to remain else 26/11 will repeat itself… would be a normal scenario where people will get aggressive for a while and again come back to normal,forgetting and forgiving–Thanks to Mahatma and the “Spirit of Mumbai”.Hope people try The Bhagvad Gita and “Krishna & Arjun Strategy’ for a change too !


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Santosh Kumar said...
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Santosh Kumar said...

It Was the attack on my country i am too much heart.Few days ago there was a attack, attack was on the country, on the people and economy. lot of peoples were killed, lot of lost there jobs, residence, their family. may i ask from the people of mumbai where was they when Raj Thakraey was doing such stupid things. why they not gathered & stopedsuch things ? i answer beacuse that time it was attack on Bihar-UP peoples, they were killed. i think that time they know only one language marathi they forget our beloved country india, they forget we all the are the part of nation. u gathered beacuse today attack is in ur city, your own people has been killed.

Mssg to the peoples of Maharashta: Live and let live all the peoples of the nation.

Nishant said...

Hi Jalpesh,

I share your thoughts too. The anger needs to remain. In fact we should look at the positives which have come out of these attacks rather than criticing our government and politicians.

I have also written a blog about it. Hope to get your valuable comments.
Nishant Bansal

kiran said...

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Maya said...

there is no point in lighting candles, rather they should gather and force the governmnet to take action against pakistan.

Siladitya said...

Mumbai is ours.Nobody can destroy this city.
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Salil Dhawan said...


Very nice post.Ya we need to be realistic in our approach.At the same time war is not the solution as India is progressing million times than Pakistan and war won't help us.We need to beef up our internal security and make people more aware about handling terrorism.

Do visit my blog to read my perspective on Mumbai Terror attacks

Your feedback will be appreciated


Manoj said...

Mrs Indira Gandhi would have been the ideal person to handle the situation.It is high time that we start launching air strikes on POK training camps rather than putting pressure through US.There can be a bone of contention saying that Pakistan itself has been a victim of terrorism.If India does not act now then we will be seeing a 26/11 almost everyday

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Manoj said...

Yes It is high time we need to take action

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Manoj said...

Yes it is high time we take action

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P7 News Channel said...

Whole country is much hurt by 26/11. People wants to raise their voice but they are not getting proper platform.
So P7 has started a new show called "Salaam Mumbai" on the anniversary of 26/11 terrorist attack. The show has started from 18th Nov till 26th Nov. 2009 daily at 8.00 p.m.
This show is focussing on issues related to terrorism, mumbai's undieng spirit for anti-terrorism and unity against all odds.

This is a fully research based show where anchors, reporters are presenting facts, figures which are important for every Mumbaikar to know.

With this we spread the feeling of unity, want to strengthen our bonds despite all odds and showing terrorism that we can fight against it.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing can b change untill n unless govt wil start VISA system for mumbai.Stop unrecognized n outsider ppl(not evn from rest of maharashtra) to come & live in mumbai as this is vry sensitive city of India(Terrorists knows it). Stop increasing population of mumbai & maintain a system.If blaming to corruption it starts with main problem population..think it.
Save mumbai..demand 4 VISA system for mumbai.Dont be a maharashtriyan..Be a mumbaikar first.
Try it or wait for another bloody attack!!
-youth of mumabi..Me mumbaikar

Orrwxap said...

there is no point in lighting candles, rather they should gather and force the governmnet to take action against pakistan.

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